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Rev It Up! is a radio show hosted by John and Jess. The show focuses on the latest news and trends in the automotive industry. It airs on the Motor Mania Facebook and YouTube pages. The hosts are known for their expert analysis and insightful commentary on everything related to cars, from new models to classic cars. They also feature interviews with industry experts and car enthusiasts. Tune in to “Rev It Up! with John and Jess” for all the latest updates on the world of cars. See our show below:

Barry Meguiar | Chip Foose | Rev it Up! Season 2 Episode 11

In this exhilarating episode of Rev It Up!, join automotive legends Barry Meguiar and Chip Foose as they delve into the heart of automotive passion. Chip Foose shares profound insights into the influences shaping his iconic designs, while Barry Meguiar unveils the captivating history behind Meguiar’s, a brand synonymous with automotive excellence.

Discover the fascinating journey from Meguiar’s humble beginnings in 1901, where it was initially known for its furniture polish. Barry Meguiar recounts how his grandfather’s ingenious idea transformed this household product into a revolutionary car care solution. From its early application on carriages to its evolution into the world-renowned automotive detailing brand, Meguiar’s continues to uphold its legacy of innovation and quality.

Don’t miss out on this captivating episode as Barry and Chip ignite your passion for cars and unveil the untold stories behind their enduring legacies. Rev It Up! with John and Jess! Season 2 Episode 11 is a must-watch for every automotive enthusiast.

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