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Phil Goodell | Marine Prop Riders | | Rev it Up! Season 2 Episode 14

Join host John Bagley in an exhilarating episode of Rev it Up! as he sits down with Phil Goodell, a seasoned member of Marine Prop Riders, America’s premier inboard racing club based in Detroit, MI.

In this captivating episode, Phil shares his firsthand account of witnessing the legendary Evel Knievel’s historic Skycycle jump at Snake River Canyon in Twin Falls, Idaho, back in 1974. At just 18 years old, Phil was there to witness the daring feat, and his recounting of the event offers a unique perspective on a moment etched in the annals of daredevil history.

Discover the adrenaline-pumping world of boat race driving as Phil delves into his experiences with Marine Prop Riders, offering insights into the thrilling sport and the passion that drives its participants.

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Marine Prop Riders

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